Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I used to blog till a few months back, but the inanity of the whole thing got to me and so I stopped. However, now that I have a reasonably good excuse to blog I'll start again. Instead of blogging on general principles though, I plan to blog on something very specific. Cycles, cycling and cycling in Bangalore, to be precise.


I decided to start cycling in order to improve my general fitness level and being a child of the internet generation I tried to get some information about cycling in Bangalore. I managed to dig up a few websites which ranged from being useful to hilariously pointless.
Despite having this veritable fount of information , I still have a few questions, such as:
  • Yay! I want a cycle! Where do I buy one?
  • Yay! I want a cycle! Where do I get a cycling helmet?
  • Yay! I want a cycle! Where do I get elbow and knee guards?
  • Yay! I want a cycle! Does it make sense to cycle on Bangalore's wonderful roads?
  • Yay! I want a cycle! Should I settle for a goldfish instead? ( In a bowl. To stare at. Not to sit on and pedal )
I couldn't find the answer to most of these questions and so I've decided to happily use the free storage space Blogger is giving me to collect whatever information I do find. Hopefully this will prove useful to someone else.

Next: How does one actually go about buying cycling equipment in Bangalore? Where are the stores? How does one get there? Will Sourav Ganguly buy a cycle?

PS: For those of you who ( the very few ) who used to frequent this piece of internet real estate till I stopped blogging, a word of advice..... if you don't live in Bangalore and you aren't interested in cycling, this blog won't provide any entertainment.